• Pastor Lisa


person sitting on a rock, viewed from behind, they are looking at a sunrise or sunset over a lake or an ocean

A blessing based upon Psalm 137

Have you ever been so distraught, so incredibly full of grief

that all you could do was sit and weep

and weep

and weep

Until there were no tears

And all was left of you was sitting


staring into nothingness

Everything stops and you’re frozen

right where you are

Someone may come up to you

tap you on the shoulder

ask you a question

try to get you to snap out of your funk

You cannot bring up the strength to respond

Their attempts seem ludicrous

as if they had asked you to dance a jig

or sing karaoke

You’ve not given up hope completely

You know it’s there, somewhere deep down inside of you

Because you can remember happier times

But, just for now, you need to be still and remember

Just sit, and be, and remember

May your remembering be the tiny light

that breaks through your shell of despair

that shines hope into the dark depths of your soul

and brings you back to yourself

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