• Pastor Lisa


An abstract image of a tree growing out of a broken sphere

A blessing based upon Psalm 85

May the earth once again satisfy all our needs

May whatever has been depleted

begin to flourish

May the times we have missed the mark

the times we have not taken care of our planet

be covered up, forgotten

Let’s put that guilt way beyond our reach

and start over, as best we can

so the damage can cease

and the repair begin

May we remember the joy the earth gives

May it be preserved and safe

May we listen with care

because earth is speaking its holy words to us

asking us to not return to our former ways

but to allow its bounty to flourish

May care and truth

Justice and peace

be the new young sprouts

that make for renewal

and establish new ways

May the Divine look upon the earth and say

“It is good”

And may we receive the goodness of earth once again

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