• Pastor Lisa


open journal with pen, covered with ribbon, and a cup of tea sitting on top, steam going up from the tea

A meditation based upon Psalm 113

Today is a day for praising the Divine!

All day, am to pm and every day hence

is a good day to praise God

Look up, above those magnificent swaying trees

Or look down at your feet

or at all the space in between

Wherever you set your eyes

there you’ll see evidence of the Divine

Especially notice when justice shows up

when the haughty are brought low

when those who have done without finally get their share

When God shows up in your life

It’s like you’ve walked into your house,

after being out for a while,

and someone has completely redecorated it

and now it feels like the most beautiful, cozy place on earth

A place you’ll never want to leave

Get yourself a cup of tea and sit awhile

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