• Pastor Lisa


A North-South-East-West weathervane with arrow pointer against clouds in the sky

A blessing based upon Psalm 89

May your words be true

and your song be full of grace

May you keep your promises

May you never lose your childlike wonder

May you look upon Divine creation and be in awe

Look in all directions. What do you see?

The hand of the Divine is everywhere

May that view knock your socks off

May you feel special

knowing the Divine has chosen you as a favorite

Yes, you

As if you were the only child of the Divine

So, be careful how you move through your days

knowing all of this

Knowing that the Divine always keeps a promise

and the promise is for you

that you will always be special

It’s not for you to worry about all those other guys

It’s not for you to worry about revenge

God is not hiding

The Divine blessing is already yours

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