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Wood cube game pieces each with a letter of the alphabet on it

A meditation based upon Psalm 119*

A (Alef - א)

Along your journey with the Divine you will find a straight-on, joy-filled path.

B (Bet - ב)

Before you decide to venture off on your own path, consider again the path of the Divine.

G (Gimel - ג)

Give grace to others who do not interpret the ways of the Divine as do you.

D (Dalet - ד)

Don’t get too glued to the idea that you are right. Leave room to consider another idea.

H (He - ה)

Hope is the guardian of the heart. Turn your heart and eyes toward it.

V (Vav - ו)

Vast is the way of the Divine in all its jaw-dropping glory.

Z (Zayin - ז)

Zest for life is found in the the Divine.

Ch ( Het - ח)

Change your heart, so that it is always oriented toward the Divine. There you will find mercy.

T (Tet - ט)

To become lost along the way is normal, but a teachable heart will be your best guide back to the Divine.

Y (Yod - י)

Yield to compassion. It should always have the right-of-way.

K (Kaf - כ)

Keep looking for the Divine, in everything, everywhere, even if your eyes become worn out with the looking.

L (Lamed - ל)

Leave your doubt behind. The Divine will hold you steady until you, once again, can stand firm in your knowing.

M (Mem - מ)

Make sure you remain humble. Walking in the way of the Divine can become a heady thing, but there is a depth in that way that is unfathomable.

N (Nun - נ)

Never stop seeking Divine guidance. Never cease praising the Divine.

S (Samek - ס)

Seek all the ways you can learn about the Divine. That will sustain and support you throughout life.

A (Ayin - ע)

Add action to your understanding, so that you are doing Divine things in Divine ways.

P (Pe - פ)

Pay close attention to Divine instruction. Therein is the light for your path.

Ts (Tsade - צ)

Tsunami-like, is how the Divine will wash over you, if you will trust and not forget that the Divine is eternally righteous.

K (Qof - ק)

Keep a regular appointment with the Divine, morning, evening, you choose, but do it regularly so you will always feel the closeness of the Divine.

R (Resh - ר)

Revive your faith by looking into the face of the Divine, who sees you and delivers you from yourself, over and over again.

Sh (Shin - שׁ)

Shield yourself with the words of the Divine. It’s a marvelous love story.

T (Tav - ת)

Take your desires to the Divine. Shout them aloud or whisper them gently. Let them bubble up and over because they cannot be contained, until you are, once again, overcome with joy and life.


*Note: Psalm 119 is an acrostic in Hebrew. That is, each section (group of verses) begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, following the order of the Hebrew alphabet. I’ve provided the the closest to English sound to each letter in Hebrew along with the name of the letter and its Hebrew symbol. I created an English-based acrostic, following the English letters, but maintained the Hebrew order. I acknowledge that I’ve greatly simplified a complex language and that some Hebrew letters have more than one sound (or no sound), but I used the sound related to the word in the Hebrew text. Each acrostic statement is an attempt to summarize the gist of that section.

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