• Pastor Lisa


two hands apart showing how big the fish was with words in between that say "that fish was so big"

A meditation based upon Psalm 52

Be careful with the boasting

Once those words are out in the world

there is no taking them back

That thing that’s wagging in your head

can be alike a razor blade at times

What slips off your tongue is an indication of your priorities

You speak your value system

So, be careful when you talk about yourself

like you’re all that and a bag of chips

The Divine can quickly put you in your place

which often involves plucking you out of your comfort zone

and plopping you down into unknown territory

It might be helpful to visualize the words you’re about to say

before you say them

before someone shines a mirror on your speech

Give credit where credit is due … the Divine

If you want to thrive, green-tree thriving,

brag about how the Divine has made you what you are

Throw that name around, the Divine,

and your words will become blessings

instead of fodder for jokes

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