• Pastor Lisa


child with both hand up and fingers spread, a chalkboard in front of them showing 5 + 5

A meditation based upon Psalm 37

Some things spoil easily

like slimy lettuce in the fridge

This is among the things not worth fretting over

as are people who really piss you off

Don’t stew in your anger

The only harm from your anger is to you

Count to ten


Waiting works, even just ten seconds of it

While you’re counting, consider the Divine

who is waiting for your patience to win the day

Imagine the Divine laughing at the very situation

that has you in knots

Imagine the Divine doubled over

with knee-slapping laughter

You could just join in

Because you know, deep down, that you are of the Divine

These are the things that will put a smile on your face

You are beloved by the Divine, forever

The Divine has planned a steady path for your life

and will give you a hand up when you trip

You will have wisdom,

and the right words to say in due time

if you will just wait for Divine time

Put this to the test and see if it’s not true

Those situations that have made you so mad

will seem different, somehow, after the waiting

Maybe they will even disappear,

like they had never happened in the first place

This will bring you to a safe place

when you are all wound up

This will bring you Divine peace

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