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close-up view of intricate beaded and embroidered netting

I recently watched this YouTube video about the making of a Dior Haute Couture gown. It is exquisitely made, with many hours of hand sewing to create an intricately beautiful material. This past week we have been reading in Exodus about God’s instructions for making the Tabernacle and all the items associated with worship (Exodus chapters 26-31). I’ve been struck by how many of the skills associated with these endeavors are typically things associated with women, such as sewing, cooking or perfumery. There are recipes for incense (perfume) and for making the anointing oil and holy bread (cooking). There are details for the construction of priestly garments (sewing), including the types and colors of material and decorative work (beadwork and embroidery). As I was reading these instructions, the Dior gown process came to mind. I imagined similar processes for making the priestly garments … the beauty and wonder of the creative processes involved. In several places, the Bible tells us that God “gifted” people to make these things. For example, Exodus 31:6b (God speaking) says “I have given the skill to make everything that I have commanded….” These are all creative processes, and it seems to me that we are most like God when we are being creative … like God, to whom we are introduced in chapter one of the Bible as Creator, and about whom we are told we are made in that same image (Genesis 1:27).

We also read Ephesians chapter 4 this week. In verse 6 we are told that God is over, through and in everything, all of us, and following that verse we are told how God has gifted all of us (“each one” verse 7) for various purposes (verses 12 and following). Creating doesn’t always involve creating a piece of art or craft. Sometimes we create when we are just doing life. We re-create the image of God when we live Holy lives, imitating Jesus. That was also in our reading this week, how we are to have the same mind as was in Christ (Philippians 2:5-11). This is a life-giving, creative process, living life in imitation of Christ.

As I shared in my first blog for this year, my word this year is “seeing.” I believe that, when we live a creative, Christ-like life, that Christ is seen in us. As I contemplated these ideas, the following Haiku emerged:


May the Holy One,

Over, through and in all things,

Be seen in my life

Thoughts for meditation:

  1. Try to imagine the beauty of the items made for worship in the tabernacle.

  2. Do one thing this week that brings creation beauty into your life. It could be cleaning up a space in your home (a closet, a desktop), or as simple as setting out some flowers in a vase. As you pass by that area each day, think about the beauty of the Divine.

  3. Contemplate what it means to have the mind of Christ.

  4. Pray that you have eyes to see the Divine each day, then journal how God is showing up in your life.

Pastor Lisa

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