• Pastor Lisa


elderly woman holding her face in her hands

A blessing based upon Psalm 102

When you’re desperate for the Divine

but you’re feeling like the Holy One is far, far away

When you are feeling constricted and time is running short

When your body is done, slap worn out

and you’ve lost your appetite

When you feel like some wild animal screaming to fly away

When it seems like everyone is against you

When you’ve cried so much that your tears have dried up

When you start thinking of your life in terms of how much more you must endure

May these be the times that you remember

how the Divine has always been there for you

May you know once again Divine mercy

May your soul-baring find solace

May your victory over all of this, be a testimony to others

that this, too, shall pass

May you know the permanence of Divine grace

May it be far more precious to you

than anything in this life that bears down upon you

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