• Pastor Lisa


a hand with eraser wiping a blackboard clean (Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)

A meditation based upon Psalm 79

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we would’ve planned

and it’s hard to undo the mess our lives have become

I’m surprised that the Divine doesn’t just wipe the slate

and start fresh, like with Noah

That would be (and often is) my reaction when things don’t go my way

Thank goodness that the Holy One doesn’t react the way I do

The Divine seems to have selective memory, as if

I really didn’t do that stupid thing … again

The Holy One’s mercy is tender

and swift

No having to wait around for the Divine to re-think things

Do-overs are a holy grace

Starting fresh is a note to the world that Divine accounting

always balances out in freedom for our souls

The cost is little on our part

just follow and be thankful

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