• Pastor Lisa


Two girls standing side by side

A meditation based upon Psalm 45

Let’s play dress up

First, put on some good music

the song of your heart

your theme song for life

Now, take a good look in the mirror


See the beauty before you

What a blessing you are to the world

Note your powerful legs

remember all the places they have taken you in this life

Note your strong arms

remember all the life they have grabbed and held

The world would be stunned at your beauty

But they don’t know the real you

which is usually covered up with stuff that hides what is true

So, let’s try a new wardrobe

Are you ready?

Open the closet of your heart and pick out the best

the gown of righteousness

the slippers of gladness

the perfume of honor

Now look in the mirror again

see how you shine, like gold glinting in the sun

Everyone will want to emulate you

will want to be as glorious as you

You are stunning, worthy of emulation

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