• Pastor Lisa


hand raising up out of the water, the word "help" written on the palm

A blessing based upon Psalm 69

When you feel like you’re going down for the third time

and there is no lifeguard to save you

When you thought you were safe, and then the water just got too deep

When you’ve cried so much that your eyes are bloodshot

and the world appears an angry, blurry red

When you feel like everyone hates you

and are out to get you

May you know, at that moment, that the Divine is not hidden from you

It’s time to wait, and seek the Divine

Dry your eyes, and refresh your face with cool water

Take a shower, put on some clean clothes

Take a walk, even a short one

Drink in the fresh air

Speak with the Divine as you walk

Breathe in Spirit



deliverance from your deep sorrow

Know that the Divine is listening

waiting to heal your heart

to console you with mothering whispers

Allow the Divine to make you a fine dinner

with sweet wine in a warm house

and speak no more of sorrow

May you know the sweet fellowship of Divine comfort

May your grief be wiped away

May your heart, once again, live

in the home of Divine love

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