• Pastor Lisa


a hand holding up a camera lens against an outdoor background of lake and sky. The background is blurry, but the image through the lens is clear

A blessing based upon Psalm 73

Even when you think you’ve messed up

when you think you’re not worthy

Even when you get frustrated with how others

whose motives are less-than-pure

seem to have everything going their way

and you get a little miffed about that

Even then, may you know that the Divine will always understand your heart

So, don’t spend too much time worrying about all those other folks

Keep up the faith

It’s not an empty exercise

May your drifting thoughts cease

so that you not suffer any more pain

May you focus always on the Divine

who will handle any paybacks due in the end

May your heart not become bitter

May your mind remain sharply focused

May things that seem senseless now come to light

May you know the guidance and wise counsel of the Divine

May your desire always be, first, toward the Divine

May the Holy One be your rock

and strengthen your heart

May your trust be in the Divine

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