• Pastor Lisa


Mother hugging crying child

A meditation based upon Psalm 14

Sometimes they slip out of my mouth, uncontrolled

Foolish words

At times I recognize it, with horror, as they are leaving my mouth

and try to reel them back in

to no avail

At other times it’s long after the words were uttered

when I realize my faux pas

And then, I fret about it for hours

about what I said

how I said it

what I should have said instead

or not said at all

I imagine God’s head shaking side to side

“Not much up there,” God says,

tapping finger to forehead

in that gesture signifying empty headedness

Then I run into the arms of the Divine

wrapping my arms around tight

refusing to let go

Until I hear, again, soothing whispers of grace

Until I feel, again, that mamma-warmth

the warm strokes down my back

as I muzzle my face deeper into the comfort of the Divine

hiding my tears

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