• Pastor Lisa


Little girl, head down, acting shy

A blessing based upon Psalm 39

You tell yourself, “I just need to keep my mouth shut.” The fear of the fallout from the power of your words is like a muzzle. all the while, the person standing in front of you

really needs to hear them.

Your silent waiting has rendered you mute. You keep the peace, even when speaking your truth

would be the right thing to do, a troubled heaviness, your heart growing hot, deep within you.

You whisper to yourself, as if your tongue, making words, was kindling a fire.

You do not know when your life will end, how long will be your days, how transient your existence. Can you measure them, somehow? Does it matter how long you’ve already lived? We are all just vapor, a walking shadow. An internal busyness, always depositing but never withdrawing.

So, what are you waiting for?


It will always be God

May God strip it all away. May God loosen your mouth. May the prayers spoken by your heart be proclaimed.

May God hear your cry. May your tears never be met with silence.

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