• Pastor Lisa


Desert scene with a post having 3 pointing signs, one says "lost" one says "found" and one says "searching" each are pointing toward a different direction.

A blessing based upon Psalm 139

The Divine knows you

Everything about you

when you sit down

when you get up

what you’re daydreaming about

where you’re going

when you lie down

what you say

May you know the exquisite wonder of Divine protection

May you be aware that the Divine Presence is always with you

you cannot escape it

May you allow the Divine to be your guide

to hold you tightly

May you dwell in Divine light

Know that the Holy One created you as special

a one-of-a-kind wonder

and you are simply marvelous

just as you are

Know that the Holy One knows your heart

knows what concerns you

And still wants to be your forever guide

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