• Pastor Lisa


Forget-me-not flower with raindrops

This is a meditation based upon Psalm 109



Personal attacks for no reason


Have you ever found yourself the victim of this sort of thing?

It especially hurts when, all along, you thought you were being loving

You, a prayerful, thoughtful person

It makes you so angry you can’t see straight

You spend countless hours dreaming up get-even scenarios

You think it makes you feel better

But … not so much

Deep down, your heart is still broken

You’re being eaten up from the inside

It’s a hard lesson … this self-deception

Sometimes we forget, that relief doesn’t come from our own making

or scheming

or dreaming

Help comes from God

and it has nothing to do with the other guy getting what’s coming

and everything to do with our recognizing we need God

who has always been there, right next to us

waiting patiently for us to ask

Because we’re not really all that and a bag a chips

We’re the one who needs God

and just forgot

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