• Pastor Lisa


Hands crossed on top of a bible

A meditation based upon Psalm 5

In my best version of myself, I’m really good at prayer

My words are prefect, and God is always listening

My voice sounds young, and full of life

not the craggy old-lady’s voice I have now

and I always use just the right words

I get up every morning, and, without ever missing a day

I spend time in meditation and prayer

Okay, that’s in my dreams

In reality, I’m not all that and a bag of chips

I forget, many (most?) days

I get to the end of the day, and remember that I forgot to pray

Would that I would just stop everything, right then and there

and pray

But, something distracts me, and on I go with my everyday life

God knows my heart, thankfully

And, in the end, when I do take the time,

My prayers are sincere and faithful



And, while they’re not the kind or words that others want to repost on Facebook,

I know that God rejoices over me

and loves it when I finally pray

And that’s what keeps me coming back to God

May whatever comes out of my mouth, to God, always be faithful

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