• Pastor Lisa



A blessing based upon Psalm 31

Like the protective wings of a mothering hen

may you always find refuge in the Divine

May your disappointments be few and far between

Like the iceberg calving away from what holds it back

may you be freed, vindicated, from whatever is hindering you

Never cease reaching out to those who will truly listen

The Divine always listens

and therein you will find strength and safety

When you feel like you’ve been caught in a web

and it torments you

because only you are aware of it

Take note of this truth …

The Divine has already rescued your spirit

So, don’t slip into empty, useless spirals of self-doubt

Be bold … be secure in the Divine

Shout, cheer, stand grounded in the Divine’s never-ending loving-kindness for you

Even when you are depressed

when you’ve cried your eyes out

and your sadness is all-consuming and body-numbing

When you feel shame or panic

like your life hasn’t mattered

like everyone is whispering about you behind your back

Even then, don’t stop trusting in the Divine

who holds your now … your future

and enlightens your path

Let this assurance silence all those voices in your head

and provide you with courage to live life boldly

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