• Pastor Lisa


a mother goose with baby goslings under her wing

A meditation based upon Psalm 91

I have a surprise for you

There is a secret place of Divine shelter and protection

It’s right under the Holy One’s wing

Did you know that the Divine has feathers

They are mother-hen feathers

under which you get to hide

while the Holy One protects you

When you’re there, you will no longer be afraid

You can peek out and look around

at all those things that chase after you

all those things you are hiding from

Watch them go by, because you’re safe now

because you’ve made a new safe place

under those wings

And, as if that’s not enough

The Divine has holy messengers at the ready

to help you hold your head up

to keep you from stumbling

All this, because the Holy One loves you

You, the one whom the Divine calls by name

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