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Noticing God

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Bible on table open to book of Psalms

In week one of our Bible-in-a-year readings, the first Psalm we are assigned to read is Psalm 19. The creators of this bible reading plan brilliantly paired this Psalm with the first chapters of Genesis. One of my favorite things to do with the Psalms is to rewrite them into blessings. Below, is my blessing for you, based upon my reading of Psalm 19:


May you always notice God.

You only have to look up … to make note

of the beauty of the sunrise or sunset,

or starry night sky.

May each day reveal its wisdom to you

and give you what needs to be known for that day.

May the wisdom of creation speak deeply to your soul,

not in words, but in wonder.

Just like knowing the reliability of the clockwork sun,

know that you can rely upon the faithful leading of the Divine.

Allow It to work in you,

to make you wise

to bring you joy and insight,

to make you eternal.

As you move through your days

may your life be richer for having noticed how God shows up in them.

Notice with intention.

Don’t let these holy moments be an accident, or you may miss the blessing.

May your pleasing words be a solemn song

that testifies to the surety of your redemption.


Pastor Lisa

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