• Pastor Lisa


background of flowers, foreground stating "O Happy Day!"

A blessing based upon Psalm 118

Give thanks to the Divine

the one who is Good

the one who’s mercy is never ending

Did you hear that

The Divine has enough mercy for you

and everyone else

no running out

When you are in distress

call upon the Divine

you’ll get an answer

When you are fearful

yep, you guessed it

call upon the Divine

that’s where your trust is better placed

When you’re feeling overwhelmed

well, I think you’re getting the idea

The Divine is your secret power

who will deliver you

from whatever has got you down

That’s something to sing about

This day, that’s all you have

so, be joyful for today

O happy day, to live in the light of the Divine

Give thanks for Divine mercy

which is never ending

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