• Pastor Lisa


plastic figurines in a row, all with smiles, the one in front is red, the others are blue

A blessing for leaders based upon Psalm 72

May your judgments be right and just

May you bring peace to the people

and justice to the poor

May you remember the children

and those who are oppressed

May the people respect you

all the days you are in office

May your time in office be a time of refreshing

like a long-needed rain is to the grass

May there be an abundance of peace

May your territory be wide

May people respect you

and give you the honor that you are due

Do not neglect those in need

Remember the value of the people whom you lead May you prosper

May prayer hold you up

May the people flourish under your leadership

and your name go down in history

to be remembered as one of the good ones

All this be yours, so long as you remember

that it is the Divine who makes it so

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