• Pastor Lisa


birthday cake with 3 candles, and flower arrangement in the background, both on a table with a satin tablecloth

A blessing based upon Psalm 40

Sometimes you want to scream

If you hear another person telling you to “be patient”

you might just explode

But, what if it’s the Divine asking you to take a breath

Yep, that’s right, the One who has pulled your hiney out of so much trouble

you can’t even remember the number of times

But, think hard

Remember that time when you had just the right words to say

which shocked you, because you’re not a right-words-to-say sort of person

you’re a foot-in-your-mouth sort of person

The times you’ve forgotten are many

too many to count

And, what is the Divine asking of you in return


Yep, you heard me right

You can’t work your way into the good graces of the Divine

So, be blessed

It’s that simple

As you go forward from today

may you take time to notice

and remember

and speak this truth to others

That the Divine calls you faithful

declares your salvation

covers you with tenderness

protects you through lovingkindness

It’s true

No matter what you encounter going forward

Know that the Divine will be there for you

That’s worth a party, right?

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