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A woman carrying a platter with challah bread and knife on it, free image courtesy of Pexels

A meditation based upon Psalm 92

On this Sabbath Day, what shall we do?

Give thanks and sing praise to the Divine

For what shall you give thanks and sing songs?

for the Divine’s never-ending love

for the Divine’s never-ending faithfulness

What sort of accompaniment shall we use?

a 10-string guitar

a lute

a harp

just be sure that the sound makes a beautiful meditation

Be sure there are verses about the Divine’s ongoing creation

about the Divine’s deep purposes for our lives

things that are hard to comprehend

Be sure there is a chorus about the exalted nature of the Divine

about how the Divine protects us

and helps us to flourish, like a tree, burdened with fruit

End your praise with a confession

and speak of the Holy One's gentle ways

while providing for us strength for the journey

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