• Pastor Lisa


Board with wood letters spelling "Thank You"

A blessing based upon Psalm 106

Thank you!

Thank you for those who stand for justice

may we emulate them

Thank you for our nation

may we never take it for granted

Thank you for our families

may we honor them

Thank you for our history

may we remember and learn from it

Thank you for your guidance

may we follow it

Thank you for traditions that help us to remember

may we keep and treasure them

Thank you for being the object of our worship

may our worship always be beautiful

Thank you for wise and moral leaders

may they always rise up

Thank you for this good earth

may we nurture and protect it

Thank you for mistakes

may we learn from them

Thank you for do-overs

may we do them over, correctly

Thank you for forgiveness, for your mercy and grace

may we extend it to others, as you have toward us

Thank you for health and for bodies that heal

may we never take it for granted

Thank you for your protection

may we be brave

Thank you for listening, for hearing,

for remembering your promises

may we always trust your word

Thank you!

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