• Pastor Lisa


silhouette of a man standing on a high rock or mountain next to a large boulder, his arms are outstretched, he's looking at a sunrise or sunset

A blessing based on Psalm 71

May you find trust in the Divine

May you know shame no more

May you find respite from everything that confines and hinders

Know that the Divine is always listening and is continually your rock-solid refuge

May you find deliverance from those who are hurtful and cruel

May you find hope and trust

Know that you are being held gently

like a baby from a mother’s womb

You are a wonder

Even when you come to your sage years and your strength fails

know that you are not forsaken

for the Divine is always near

May your hope be as continuous as your praise

and without limits

May the Holy One’s strength revive you

lift you up from your troubles

and bring you comfort

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