• Pastor Lisa


view of earth's atmosphere from space, with the sun coming up over the horizon

A blessing based upon Psalm 77

At times you may go to the Divine with your daily troubles

Arms stretched to the sky in appeal

Unable to sleep or to find comfort

Sometimes you can’t even find the words

At those times it might be best to just remember

Cease recounting the troubles of today

Instead, stop, listen, meditate, consider

Remember the times when you were the recipient of Divine mercy

of Divine grace

of redemption

Remember all those times the Holy One was present to you

in powerful ways, working wonders in your life

Let that memory become your sanctuary

your safe place, away from today’s troubles

The earth knows

From the depths of oceans to the highest clouds

the earth knows the ways of the Divine

are powerful

May you find this power in the sanctuary of your heart

and may it guide your footsteps on their Divine path

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