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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

lower part of woman's face with finger help up to lips

This is a blessing based upon Psalm 25

First, set your intention

Allow your heart to trust

for this is the beginning of your healing

Without this first step, you will always be disappointed

Then, allow God to show you the Divine path

to tutor you in Divine truth

May you experience this safe place

May you allow trust to be your constant companion

God’s compassion runs deep

God’s mercy has always been, and will always be

God doesn’t keep track of every time you mess up your life

So, neither should you.

Like God, be patient and kind with yourself

May you know the Lord’s forgiveness

May you know the Lord’s full provision

Want to know a secret? God is on your side!

Even when you feel alone, or just generally in a funk

or, when stress consumes you

Know that God sees, truly sees you

And, if you need it, forgives you

May you yearn passionately for God who shelters you

Completes you

Watches over you

Redeems you

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