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This past week, as we finished up the book of Genesis, we read about the life of Joseph, and how it was God’s providence that Joseph gained such a high position, in order to provide protection for his father, his brothers and sister, and all of their households. After they all finally moved to Egypt, in chapter 47 we have the account of Joseph’s father, Jacob, meeting with Pharaoh. Jacob tells Pharaoh, “I have been a traveler for 130 years.” (Gen. 47:9). That perspective, of our lives as a journey, and our occupation on earth as travelers, caught my attention. Another thing that caught my attention was reading that Jacob blessed Pharaoh. A true patriarch, who lived his life as best as he could in honor of the Divine, whose travels carried him through rough and easy terrain, who, even in his ancient days, bestowed blessings.

As I contemplated this story, I wondered about my life, my journey, and my travels. Here is my Haiku for this story:

The Journey

My life is a path

pathed in holy steppingstones

a Divine journey

Thoughts for meditation:

  1. Contemplate your life as a Divine journey. Where has the Divine taken you?

  2. When, in your life, have your words been for blessing?

  3. How might you find more opportunities to bless others?

Pastor Lisa

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