• Pastor Lisa


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This is a blessing based upon Psalm 90

You’ve been looking at past photos,

remembering your parents, their parents

through the eyes staring back at you from the page

You’ve been thinking about your mortality

deep thoughts about eternity

about God

You’ve been thinking about death

all that dust-to-dust stuff

In some instances, those distant, fuzzy memories seem like a dream

in another instant, they feel like yesterday

and then, you realize that life is like a blade of grass

you heard this … somewhere before … about the withering and fading

Like fresh dewy grass in the morning, you wake up hopeful

only to settle into the bony aches and pains

that slap you down by nightfall like a lost arm wrestle

Sometimes, this realization seizes you with fear

days slipping away without your control

Nothing you can say can stop time’s slow, deliberate march

or its jet-like takeoff

You wonder, “How much longer will I be here?”

“Am I a statistic?”

This is when God speaks, if you are willing to listen

Listen with a wizened heart as you contemplate your days on this earth

God, for whom time doesn’t compute, wants to bless you …

May God’s motherly consolation refresh you every morning

May your heart be happy

May every moment you have left be satisfying

May you find balance in these latter years

May you be truly seen for the wonder that you are

for the gift you are to the world

May you know God’s kindness

May all your toil on this earth find eternal worth

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