• Pastor Lisa


woman with back to camera wearing white pants and red sweater holding white flowers behind her back

A meditation based upon Psalm 59

I get it

It feels like the world is against you

like everyone is making plans

for the sole purpose of ensuring that your life is screwed up

You feel like you’ve been tapping the Divine on the shoulder

and not getting any response

Yet, you keep tapping

Is anybody listening

Is anybody awake

Don’t you see these crazy people

running around like rabid dogs

Spewing hate speech

It would be laughable were it not so frustrating

I’ve been there too

What works for me is just letting the Divine take care of it

all the revenge

all the anger

all the frustration with stupid people

Someone once told me to just “walk and dump”

That works

That, and singing

and knowing the Divine has got your back

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